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MIM part of the choice of whether there is a certain standard

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MIM (metal injection molding) metal powder is fine and uniform mixed with organic binder for the rheological properties of the material, the injection machine is injected into the cavity, forming a blank, and then removing binder, and sintering into final products. A part, which is a part of a machine that cannot be separated, is a basic component of a machine, and is a basic unit in the process of manufacturing. The manufacturing process generally does not require the assembly process. Such as bushings, bearings, nut, crankshaft, blades, gear, cam, connecting rod, connecting rod head. MIM parts of the choice of whether there is a certain standard? The question is yes. The standard is generally said whether it is qualified, and can withstand long time action, if the quality is not good MIM parts, it can use the time bound MIM part time than good quality to be much shorter, but also wasted a lot of things. After all, it is important that any part of the product play a role in it.


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