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Dongguan Hao metal products Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the development and design of powder metallurgy products Taiwan funded enterprises, the factory covers an area of more than 6000 square meters, is located in Dongguan, Tangxia Guangdong town.

Introduction of MIM Technology

Metal injection molding technology is a set of plastic molding technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology, technology of metals and metal materials science and other disciplines mutual infiltration and cross product, using the mold injection molding blanks and by sintering rapid manufacturing of high density, high precision, complex shape parts three-dimensional structure. This technology not only has the process of conventional powder metallurgy process, without cutting or less cutting, high economic efficiency, and to overcome the traditional powder metallurgy products of low density, inhomogeneous materials, low mechanical property, easy molding of thin-walled, complex structure defects, especially suitable for metal parts for mass production of small and complex has special requirements!

Technical characteristics:

1 to create a three-dimensional shape of the complex parts, to avoid multiple machining

2 product appearance finish can reach 0.5 ~ 1.6um

3 product weight range 0.1 ~ 250g

4 dimensional accuracy can reach + 0.1%- + 0.3%

5 the relative density of products can reach 99% ~ 95%, the mechanical properties of high corrosion resistance

6 can be made of thin-walled products, the most thin can reach 0.2mm

7 products can be carried out after the treatment (turning, carburizing, quenching, tempering, electroplating, polishing, PVD, wire drawing, laser engraving, etc.)

8 can be large quantities of low-cost manufacturing parts

Material type:

low alloy steel

Stainless steel

Soft magnetic alloy


1, the maximum size of 110mm

2, the maximum thickness of <10mm

3, the most thin size >0.2mm

4, the minimum pore diameter of 0.8mm.

5, crude viscosity <0.6um

Application domain:

One.IT electronics industry

Two. Household appliances industry

Three. Communications industry

Four. Tool industry

Five. Automotive industry

Six. Watch industry

The seven lock industry.

Eight. Tool industry

Nine. Medical industry

The ten fishing industry.

Eleven. Water and electricity industry

Twelve. Machinery industry

Thirteen. Other industries

Hao metal products Co., Ltd.

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